Online Course Catalog

Asthma and Healthy Homes (Spanish)

    Estimated Hours: 1

Module 1 – Asthma What we should all know about this disease
Module 2 – Asthma Action Plans
Module 3 – Asthma Triggers and Healthy Homes Curriculum
Module 4 – Asthma: Management and Healthy Homes

Asthma and Healthy Homes for AgriLife Agents

    Estimated Hours: 1

Module 1: Asthma Basics
Module 2: Asthma Triggers
Module 3: Asthma Action Plan

Asthma: What we should all know about the disease

    Estimated Hours: 0.25

What is asthma?
What are asthma beliefs?
What causes asthma?
What are asthma triggers?

Community Leadership

    Estimated Hours: 0.5

Course Objectives:
Identify the four different categories of leadership styles.
Recognize when collaborative leadership would be most effective in a situation.
Describe the criteria for choosing a leadership style.
Identify when a leadership team would provide the best outcome of a situation.

Creating Healthy Communities

    Estimated Hours: 1

Learning Objectives:
1. Define health
2. Describe in what ways social conditions affect health
3. Identify how social conditions can be addressed to improve health
4. Explain the importance of understanding the impact of social conditions in public health practice

Food Access and Obesity

    Estimated Hours: 0.5

Course Objectives:
Define Obesity, Body Mass Index, Food Desert, Food Insecurity.
Use the Body Mass Index tool to calculate BMI.
Identify how limited healthy food options contribute to obesity.
Examine programs that try to close the gap on food deserts and food insecurity.

Introduction to Epidemiology

    Estimated Hours: 1

Course Objectives:
1. Define epidemiology
2. Describe basic terminology and concepts of epidemiology
3. Identify types of data sources
4. Identify basic methods of data collection and interpretation
5. Describe a public health problem in terms of time, place, and person
6. Identify the key components of a descriptive epidemiology outbreak investigation

Introduction to Public Health

    Estimated Hours: 1

Course Topics:
1. Public Health Definition and Key Terms
2. History of Public Health
3. A Public Health Approach
4. Core Functions and Essential Services of Public Health
5. Stakeholder Roles in Public Health
6. Determining and Influencing the Public’s Health

Introduction to Public Health Surveillance

    Estimated Hours: 1

Learning Objectives:
• Define public health surveillance
• Describe the goal of public health surveillance
• Describe the uses of a public health surveillance system
• Recognize the legal basis for public health surveillance in the United States
• Compare active and passive public health surveillance
• Identify sources of data commonly used for public health surveillance
• Describe the public health surveillance process