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Asthma and Healthy Homes for AgriLife Agents

    Estimated Hours: 1

Module 1: Asthma Basics
Module 2: Asthma Triggers
Module 3: Asthma Action Plan

Asthma: What we should all know about the disease

    Estimated Hours: 0.25

What is asthma?
What are asthma beliefs?
What causes asthma?
What are asthma triggers?

Under Review: Asthma and Healthy Homes (Spanish)

    Estimated Hours: 1

Module 1 – Asthma What we should all know about this disease
Module 2 – Asthma Action Plans
Module 3 – Asthma Triggers and Healthy Homes Curriculum
Module 4 – Asthma: Management and Healthy Homes